Hakka Art

Painting process of approval : painting process in the generalized system Folk , famous men . If Changting Shangguan Zhou Ning Huang Shen, Yan Shanghang Hua , Wu Li Ping can also be famous in extranjero.Especialmente Shangguan week "Late laugh Church of painting" influential. There are prints made paintings, murals , paintings, painting eggs , painting portraits of iron.
Papercrafts : Tingzhou papercrafts swinging the Qing Dynasty Empress birthday Longevity , red sign posted civilians ( paper cutting pattern ) to the table to celebrate. Later, every Spring Festival, or the wedding celebration , a variety of red paper towel cut multi - photos and text , and combine to celebrate the blessings of Italy. Traditional models of " happy couple ", "disease Songhe ", " Meilan Ju Bamboo ", " love " , etc, the text of " Fu , Lu, Shou , Xi", and many more hands Housewife smart home . Folk paper-cut for women is not limited , especially engraved paper cut paper artists . A variety of patterns to be handmade, and talent .
Hakka Shouzha variety of crafts , Yiwu Shi Yi , unique : Shouzha process. There are color bars, light bar , strips of paper flowers and tied four . MultiColor is produced by the artists career people . Where popular festive street display for people to see . Often in history, the history of drama as a subject , a type of clay figure head Sizha iron skeleton forms the torso in the form of dust, wear accessories, body made of different characters. The sophisticated technology, realistic modeling , colorful .
The light bar with bamboo as a skeleton , macaroni grass tied to all kinds of people , animals figure , things are , pulp, silk, hollow candle , map lights , dazzling is inserted.
Strips of paper to make the skeleton of bamboo to tie the adult Macaroni grass , animals and as animals. The bamboo can also be used as a skeleton , rolling paper tissue, made of various committed.
Flowers tied with colored paper, corrugated paper , macaroni grass and silk and other materials , cutting, folding , fight, bar made of various flowers , bonsai. Commonly used as a tie headdress flowers, Xiongpei , vase , wall, etc. Colorful , natural , realistic , witty