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Orange Blossom, orange flower, attractive and aromatic

Walking in Valencia on a beautiful spring day

Diffuser 200ml

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Crafts. Made in Spain

Quality Certificate: ISO-9001

Shipping 48/72 hours

15,70 €

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Orange Blossom, flower, attractive and fragrant orange trees

Walking in Valencia on a beautiful spring day

Diffuser 200ml

All products are handmade in small batches to ensure quality and uniqueness. We use the best raw materials available in the market, choosing to work with companies that are socially and environmentally responsible

The objective is to supply high quality in terms of what the environment and healthy lifestyle is concerned

  Candles and 100% natural essences, fragrances using the famous area of Grasse (Provence) and distribute the brand finest points of sale in the world with a huge respect for the values of the brand

In the manufacture of our sails, we are very respectful of the environment and apply rigorously the IFRA standards, not using them any substance included in the OSPAR list.
We distribute to customers as LLadró, Bvlgari, Zara, Seridan, Calvin Klein, Moncler, Eigth & Bob are among the companies that have placed their trust for making scented candles bearing their prestigious brands.

  We are also suppliers of the Spanish Royal Family. and recently of The White House