Porcelain earrings are hypoallergenic. handmade model


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Anti-allergic porcelain earrings 

handmade by craftsman certificate


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Crafts. Made in Spain

Quality Certificate: ISO-9001

Shipping 48/72 hours

19,83 €

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Anti-allergic porcelain earrings, CARRYING CASE INCLUDED

 Porcelain flowers in miniature made in an artisanal way and with an exquisite taste that we use to create new models.

Despite the frailty that appear to our models, elaboration with porcelain of high temperature guarantees its integrity. It is resistant and difficult to break because of a blow or a fall products.

Our product is made with paste porcelain of high temperature, after Cook the flowers to more than 1200 degrees, our decorating paint flowers with gold or silver liquid and colors special, these decorated pieces return to bake more than 600 degrees to set the colors.

Once prepared and cooked, assemble them on findings of different metals