Time for delivery

 Packages are generally dispatched within 48 hours after receipt of payment and effective when they are in the store , if stocks have been exhausted , you will be informed of replacement and delivery time .

What is the guarantee of quality and products ?

Our products are manufactured by skilled craftsmen using quality materials and have a one year warranty against manufacturing defects

Are the same products to the photographs ?

Yes, except for some modification of the characteristics requested by the client.

Can I buy from my country?

From , we send our products to any country in the world , except that they have restrictions.

How long in coming shipments outside Europe?

It normally takes 3 to 5 days depending on the destination country.

Where do I get the items?

Products are shipped directly to the address you want the buyer.

How I can pay?

You can pay by sending the number of your Visa, Mastercard or with the expiration date , when completing the order form American Express card.
You can also pay by bank transfer or money by Western Union or PayPal we will provide the necessary data.
In Spain they can make on delivery .
Are taxes included in the price?

All prices listed on our site include taxes ( VAT - VAT) .
In the order form the final purchase price is shown , indicating the amount of tax applicable to the country of destination chosen amount .

Regarding the value added tax (VAT), as a general rule the tax rate of 21% for the territory of the European Union applies where the tax is applied. In selling to any other country are VAT , however the customs systems of each country apply the corresponding taxes , which are borne by the buyer.

Due to their special tax status, purchases made by residents of the Canary Islands are exempt from VAT , but the costs of customs clearance and import duties are not included in the item price or the shipping , and shall be paid by the recipient of the goods.

Prices in U.S. dollars or other currencies shown on the website are the result of applying the daily exchange rate of that currency against the Euro , hence potential fluctuations in prices. These prices are approximate .

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